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Digital Marketing Trends to Embrace For Your Next Campaign

There’s no denying that the online landscape is a competitive one. As technology evolves and consumer behavior shifts, digital marketing strategies must transform in order to remain relevant. This prompts marketers to explore new techniques and tools to enhance their online presence, engage target audiences, and drive business success. As marketers are evolving, so are search engines and databases—creating new marketing trends to follow for the upcoming years.

At Dapper Market Solutions, we operate on an evolutionary-scale, meaning when new trends emerge, our team adjusts your marketing efforts accordingly. Let’s dive into a few of the most talked about digital marketing topics, and explore how they are reshaping the marketing industry.

Embrace These 4 Digital Marketing Trends

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Few technologies have been as disruptive globally as artificial intelligence systems. Far from the sentient computers of sci-fi lore, these early AI models are still powerful enough to redefine the nature of work—especially in the marketing industry.

But AI comes in numerous shapes and sizes. Traditional AI models leverage machine learning to provide insights or solve a problem. Generative AI, meanwhile, relies on the same machine learning to digest user input and create output. Generative AI can create images, music, and writing with impressive speed and talent. 

But how and why is AI shaking up the world of digital marketing? Let’s take a look at the most famous recent example.

ChatGPT & Other Generative AI Systems

When ChatGPT was released, SEO experts and content writers around the world let out one collective gasp. What would the future of organic content marketing look like if anyone could easily and instantly generate SEO-optimized blogs, newsletters, or website content? 

Fortunately for human marketers far and wide, ChatGPT has limitations. But it can also open doors for savvy users with experience. While we shouldn’t rely solely on generative AI for long-form content, ChatGPT has demonstrated competency and success when quickly generating blog topics, meta-information, and small, tight bursts of written content. 

That said, some human intervention is required. ChatGPT has been known to “hallucinate” facts and figures. Additionally, because it combs human-generated content, it shares some odious human opinions and biases. 

On your own, or together with an experienced marketing agency, generative AI is putting the creative power in the hands of billions worldwide. This technology saves time, spares us personal effort, and is perfect for numerous rote tasks typical in organic content marketing campaigns or social media posts. 

In short, marketing agencies that know better leverage AI models to save time so that human SEO specialists or content creators can devote additional energy to tasks that need them more. 

Google Search Generative Experience

Search engines are continually adjusting their strategies to deliver prompt and transparent search results for users. Google recently updated its search results approach with Search Generative Experience (SGE). Designed to help users find reliable answers quickly, SGE provides you with a list of suggestions at the top of the results page pertaining to your question.

For example, if you’re searching for the best recipes for banana bread, Google usually recommends websites with the most ranked keywords and helpful content. Now, when you search for banana bread recipes, Google SGE will show you three recipes at the top of the page with a brief summary of each. Along the right side of the search results page, you’ll also find a link to each article on which this information was found.

Moreover, Google SGE interprets follow-up questions you may have regarding a topic, offering additional information. To try out the SGE search tool, take a look at this helpful activation process.


In 2014, Google introduced the concept of E.A.T., which relates directly to Google’s search quality evaluator guidelines. This specification assists Google in determining whether the content on a website is valuable and how it should be ranked in search results. Each letter stands for a quality that search evaluators must pay attention to when assessing a website:

  • (E)xpertise
  • (A)uthoritativeness
  • (T)rustworthiness

Expanding upon this concept, Google has decided to add an additional “E” to the acronym, representing “experience,” making the full concept E.E.A.T. Consumer purchasing habits have been changing, and they’re relying more and more on reading reviews before purchasing a product or service. To accommodate this shift, Google is now putting emphasis on firsthand experience showcased within the pages of a website.

Overall, E.E.A.T. encourages content creators to produce and publish informative and high-quality content that prioritizes the user experience. This encourages content to not just focus on keywords and link-building strategies, but readability and authority as well.

Voice Search

We’ve all likely experienced sending a text message via talk-to-text or asking Alexa to add chicken to a grocery list. Just as your smartphone or smart speakers can detect voice commands, search engines, and websites are adapting to voice search as well. This new technology allows marketing agencies to change the way their content is optimized.

When consumers search for a product or service using their desktop or phone, they’re more likely to type in the simplest question—”restaurant near me”—and rely on geo-tracking technology to fill in the blanks. In contrast, when a consumer uses voice search, how they communicate will differ, increasing the number of conversational long-tail keywords used.

When it comes to marketing agencies, it’s crucial to identify how users are searching for goods and services, and meet them where they browse. If you’re not planning for or creating content that drives traffic for voice searches, you’re missing out on users who rely on multiple modes of web browsing to locate local companies.

Know When to Adapt with Dapper Market Solutions

The world of digital marketing is far from flatlining. With constantly evolving technology and changes, marketing agencies must be able to adjust at the drop of a hat. That’s where Dapper Market Solutions comes in. Our team of experienced marketing experts know exactly how to increase your revenue, drive repeat business, and outrank the competition—all while staying ahead of the trends.

Specializing in a variety of marketing services, Dapper has the ability to help your business stand out in the wide net of search engine website results. Whether you’re a small business just starting out or an established company looking to expand, we’re here to enhance your marketing efforts throughout the United States.

Stay Ahead of the Competition Today!

As a Michigan-based full-service marketing agency, Dapper Market Solutions is here to turn your clicks into conversions. Allow our team of digital marketing experts to guide you through the trends, and adjust your efforts accordingly. Schedule a free quote with us today or fill out a contact form through our website. We look forward to working with you and growing your local or national brand.

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